Portable Restrooms

Portable RestroomsWe choose to only use Poly John and Satellite Brand Toilets.  18 years of experience we have learned these two brands last the longest and are the best products on the market.  Easy to clean from vacuuming the holding tank to scrubbing the interior walls to keep toilets looking newer longer.  

We have tried so many different chemicals, and have found that Safe T Fresh products have performed at the highest standard that Armadillo expects to satisfy our customers needs.  

The all-natural ingredients in Bio Quick Scents break down waste to prevent piling and dissolve residual waste found on tank walls and tubing, two things that cause the greatest amount of odors.  

Toilet Wash Down is a mixture of degreaser, sanitizer and perfume used to clean the inside and outside of the toilets at every service to keep them looking clean and smelling fresh.